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Dr. Len Schwartz- The Value of Email Marketing

Hey, this is Dr. Len and I want to talk about the value of email marketing.

I talk to too many business owners who are just not emailing their databases on a weekly basis – and I don’t get it!

Most of these people already know, like, and trust you on some level.

Nurturing that process and accelerating that get to know, like, and trust process is only going to result in more new business for you.

Send at least one email every week that is benefit-rich and/or of value to your database.

Give them something to help them in some way.
Provide insight, clarity, greater understanding about how you can improve their life, thereby giving people on your list a chance (a reason) to reach out to you and ask questions or ask to learn more about how to work with you or hire you.

That’s the key.

Want to plug and play 100 proven email templates?

I have over 100 proven, tested email marketing templates for you to use to start generating sales today.

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Check it out and you’ll have an entire year’s worth of emails ready to go!

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