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Dr. Len Schwartz -Top 100 ways to get your prospects to take action!


Everyone wants to think they have the best Financial Advisor

Just like you want to have the best doctor, coach, contractor, plumber, etc.,

People naturally want to know they are using the best of the best.

This is potentially YOUR biggest problem!


Well…The public and almost all of the professionals in your city think YOU are just like everyone else…

…which means that you are trapped in the dime-a-dozen with everyone else.

So, how do you fix it?

Answer = You effectively communicate how and WHY people cannot find anyone else in your profession that can help them get what they want like YOU can.

Want proof?

Do you know WHY the most expensive restaurants in your city are booked solid even though there are hundreds of cheaper restaurants available?

Answer = The public THINKS they are getting the best possible food/meal at the expensive restaurant.

So, where do you start?

You need to effectively communicate your knowledge, expertise, experience, skills, training, services and solutions….

So your prospects understand WHY you are uniquely qualified to help them get what they want…

And, why they won’t be able to find anyone else that can help them the way you can.

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