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Dr. Len Schwartz – The Power of Branding

Hey, this is Dr. Len and today I want to talk about the power of branding.

Do you have a recognizable logo?
Do you have a tagline, slogan or unique selling proposition that tells your buying public what they can expect to experience, achieve and/or receive if they work with you?

Papa John’s pizza is “better ingredients, better pizza, Papa John’s”.
They were telling you why their pizza is better.
FedEx, famous, right? “When it absolutely positively has to get there overnight.”

Start to spend some time on your branding, because your colleagues and competitors are not thinking about this – but this is what the top 1% in every profession, every industry, every business work on because they want their public to know why they are the best.

This has been your Cut The Yo-Yo Marketing Minute where you can finally end the ups and downs of business.


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