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Dr. Len Schwartz-It’s A Tale Of Two Financial Advisors (which FA are you?)

Paul and Robert are both Financial Advisors that have been in practice for more than 10 years.

Both are using a “machine” for generating leads, clients, money, time and freedom.

Paul doesn’t think he is using a machine and doesn’t realize everybody uses a “machine or system”.

Paul’s machine pumps out some income, but his machine (cold calls, dinner seminars, breakfast networking meetings, direct mail, buying lead lists) gobbles up his time (and energy) faster than people die on an episode of Game of Thrones.

Other than the money, Paul is burning out and every energy and passion bleed out a bit more.

Robert is awake to the reality that all he’s doing is managing and running a machine.

His machine CONSISTENTLY pumps out leads, new clients money, but also CREATES time for Robert and his family because Robert manages his machine in less than 30 minutes per day from his home, office or even on vacation.

Because he’s mastered the mechanics of his machine, he feels confident he can optimize the one he’s got now to produce even more time, money and value…if he chooses to “turn it up” even more.

Today’s Webinar will show you how to simply run and manage a Leveraged New Client And Income Machine.

Watch it here

– Dr. Len

P.S. I have many clients using this machine from their Winter vacation homes. They take a cup of coffee and their laptop out on their deck in the morning, spend 30 minutes setting up calls and appointments and then go to the beach or play golf or travel. I’ll show you how to do the same TODAY.

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