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Dr. Len Schwartz – How to build an e-mail list with 10,000+ local, targeted prospects


If you sent an e-mail out to your own personal list of 10k prospects on Monday – with an offer or news that affects them or an update (that affects them), etc.. –

Do you think you might get 3, 5 maybe even 10 people who respond and ask to schedule an appointment with you

Imagine this:

Whenever you want to share value or establish your expert positioning or offer or promote a service or solution…All you have to do is communicate with your audience of 1000’s of prospects…

…Which is as simple as sending an email!

How do I know this?

I’ve been fortunate enough to build my own audience/ 85,000+ people on LinkedIn  …by utilizing a simple 3-Step marketing model.

And, I communicate with this list every week.


I don’t know if you are actively building your business…

Or, whether having a database of 1000’s of local, targeted, qualified prospects is what you’re looking for…

But, if you understand that having a captive audience of 1000’s of prospects would help you build your name, brand, fame, expert positioning…

AND consistently generate leads and new clients…

Would you like to learn this 3-Step marketing system for yourself?

If so, here’s what you can do…

I have an Online Training that will show you the 3-step system that I use to build my list of 85k.

Register here

Every day you don’t have this system in place is another day you’re losing prospects to someone else.

And, if you accept new clients all year long, you can use this as an “evergreen” marketing system to generate new clients from January – December

Click here to watch

Excited for you to start using this!

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