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“Referrals by Association” – Not What You Think

There is a referral strategy (that does not involve asking for a referral) that I call the “Referral by Association” conversation.

Professional MarketingWhen talking to patients/clients, how often do you proactively associate, explain or share information or stories about how you help other patients/clients with OTHER “problems”…that are different than what they originally hired you for?

If you don’t do this – you are in for an amazing surprise.

When you start engaging in conversations with your patients/clients where you enlighten them about all that you can do (with and for other patients/clients), don’t be surprised when you hear, “I had no idea that you can help with that!…I know someone that needs you!”

This type of conversation enables your patients/clients to learn
more about how you can help other people they care about, AND that leads to more referrals.

Don’t hesitate to share testimonials whenever legally possible.

So, start sharing information today to stimulate referrals.

All The Best,

Dr. Len Schwartz
Pres/CEO of
Pro2Pro Network

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