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It’s ALL about VALUE

Let’s talk about value! What do I mean when I say value? Your ability to communicate the value of what you do and/or attach value to your products and/or services (or both), is going to help to differentiate you. It will allow you to position yourself as being better than your competition. The alternative is that the public believes you are just like everyone else. You do NOT want to be trapped in that group.

If you don’t have a proactive marketing initiative in place to continually let your patients, clients, or customers know how and why you are better or different than all of your competition, then you are missing a VERY important step in your business-building marketing process.

If your patients, clients, or customers think they can get the same products or services from the guy down the street who sells it for less, then it becomes about price. But the truth is, most people will never choose a cheaper product or service when they think that what they’re paying for is better (has more value) than all the rest.

Sit down with your staff and think about all of the different ways that you are better/different than everybody else, (i.e. your education, your experience, the products and services you offer, your staff, and maybe even your clientele). Maybe you offer a specific service nobody else does. Maybe you have specific practitioners or experts in your business that offer a very specific service that nobody else has. This is incredibly important and it will be well worth the time invested to figure out how you can differentiate / position yourself as being better than everybody else.

Your patients/clients/customers will willingly embrace these differences and will likely stay with you because of them. After all, why would you ever leave a trusted professional who you know to be the best at what they do?

Action Steps:

1. Make a long list of what makes you the best at what you do

2. Figure out how to incorporate your list into your marketing

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